Fancy riding socks

Unicorn riding socks

3 different colors

Spotted knee socks size 37/40

40 different colors

We already knew that the socks from KozySocks were really comfortable. But did you know that you could also stand out with fancy riding socks?

Are you absolutely over solid-coloured socks? Has your horoscope been telling you for weeks that you need to change up your monotonous routine? Looking for a way to get noticed? Then our Fancy knee-high socks are just what you need! Pick from an array of exotic colours and motifs! At KozySocks there's something for every taste and every foot, so it's time to choose the pair that will bring out your unique side. From plain socks to geometric patterns, animals, hearts and clovers to bring you luck. If you've always loved mathematics, you can wear our geometrically patterned socks or enjoy the harmony of our argyle, spotted or star patterned socks. And in any case, the multiple colours of these models will bring tears to your eyes and will convince you immediately. You'll love the socks with small animals: giraffes, ladybirds, cats and even little pigs. The socks from KozySocks are very soft. Certainly not as soft as a Persian cat... but still. They are as irresistible as any cat. Let your desires and your character speak for themselves. Hearts socks are for romantic lovers, skulls for rebellious youngsters. The puzzles, KozySocks' flagship model for the last 10 years, represent the most eclectic among you. In short, whatever you fancy, there's a pair of KozySocks that sits perfectly at your feet. And as the saying goes, there's nothing like a good pair of socks to make the big C.S.O. All you have to do is find the perfect riding outfit to match all those riding socks, and there's plenty to do! Wear your favorite and colored fancy socks and everyone will be talking about you. All you have to do is convince your horse or pony to wear the same socks as you do and you'll look great riding alongside them. A great duo!