Striped riding socks

Podium navy white red riding socks

1 different colors

Tricolour stripes riding socks

9 different colors

Large stripes riding socks

52 different colors

Junior Striped riding socks

30 different colors

Thin stripes riding socks

48 different colors

Multicoloured stripes riding socks

15 different colors

Padded striped riding socks

35 different colors

Pack of 50 pairs of mixed riding socks - end of collections - mixed sizes

€135.00 €82.00 -€53.00
0 different colors

Give me a K, an N, an E, and an E, give me an H, an I, a G, an H- what’s that spell? Knee High! Our striped knee-high riding socks will be the stars of your club. These socks were meant for first place on the podium!

Oh, well, the earpiece tells us we had a problem with our cheerleaders on horseback. Apparently they were overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of KozySocks striped riding socks. Yes, striped socks are the big stars of clubs and therefore they take first place on the podium as the most athletic socks! We recommend the large stripes that will make all your friends green with envy for your new style. There are all kinds of colors, and you will surely find those of your club so you can dress up your whole team. Take a look at our basic colors, which are the favorite colors of clubs. They range from royal blue and yellow, black and white to stay sober, turquoise and white to bring a bit of dynamism to your outfit... But also bolder colors like apple green and yellow, purple and pink or thematic colors like burgundy and yellow perfect for those who want to feel special. But be careful, you have to be brave and bold. Even Santa Claus bought red and white striped socks to put them on his fireplace, but don't tell anyone! For the more playful ones, opt for the red and white striped socks and organize a "where's Wally? The possibility to dress up as a bee is possible with our knee-high black and yellow striped socks. To be classy and fashionable, these are the thin stripes you need. But whatever your reasons, KozySocks will delight you with its collection of striped riding socks. And for those who can't settle for one colour because they're all too beautiful... Discover the multicoloured striped socks! They combine different colours to avoid a difficult choice between apple green and brown...