You see KozySocks everywhere... On Facebook, Instagram, horse shows, even at the feet of your fellow riders. Do you want to know who's behind those socks that make you look like a dada? Discover all the actors of the amazing show that KozySocks presents to you every day!  

In the KozySocks family, I'm asking for the people in charge of the stands!  

John, the world champion dad of riding socks

John, also known as the "Seamless Man" is THE creator of KozySocks. He is the one who launched the brand 10 years ago. To us, he's the founding father. As is SpiderMan for the Marvels, for us, it is John who always comes up with good ideas and saves us from any tricky situation! And no matter what the field, he will always think of a little detail that no one has seen.  

If you visit our stands, you may have come across him at the Paris Horse Show, at Equita'Lyon or at the GOF in Lamotte, to name a tiny part of the stands he looks after.

Danièle, the travelling aunt

Danièle joined the KozySocks adventure many years ago. She is in charge of some of the competitions, especially those taking place in the German-speaking part of Europe. Always nice and in a good mood, she will be able to advise you like nobody else!

Sahir, the uncle, also called the acrobat

Sahir on his side takes care of the organization of our stock of riding socks. Yes, that's very important! Together with John, they make sure they know which models are in stock or not to offer you a maximum choice on the stands and on our website. We call him the acrobat because he is as agile as a monkey ;-)

In the KozySocks family, I ask for marketing, communication, sales... well everything else!

Sandrine, the all-terrain mom

So now it all gets more complicated... Sandrine deals with so many things that it's hard to make a list. But let's give it a try! She takes care of the management of the company and the employees, but also of the communication and marketing, the design of the socks collections, the creation of the customized socks, the online shop, the organization of the stands, the sales (occasionally)... In short, you have a better understanding of how she is all-terrain!

Malvina, the surfer

Always on the lookout for the latest news, Malvina is the surfer for KozySocks. Her job is to find you the best features on the web to offer you the best every day. She is in charge of social networks, partnerships and newsletters to keep you informed of all KozySocks news. Well, she takes care of other hundreds of stuff in the office. Her little extra? She's a shopping addict, she often puts herself in your shoes and does all our calculations in her head by dint of shopping! 

The fantastic workers of the KozySocks show  

The cousins who welcome you on the stands: Capucine, Charlotte, Noëmie, Tom, Estelle, Anaïs, Elsa, etc., we can't name them all here but we love them!

You meet them every year on the stands, and they are always more numerous.A big thank you to them for their dedication and enthusiasm every year (and their energy, it takes some!)

Rachel and Edmond, the friendly neighbours

Every morning at 9.30 am at KozySocks, we are greeted by our neighbours who wave at us through the window. They are always there to slip us a funny little note to start the day. And as a bonus, they take care of all the little beasts that scare us like spiders and other strange insects. So we owe them a lot...

Calypsaussette, the mare of our heart

You now know Calypsaussette, our beloved mascot. She often comes to visit us at the office to tell us about her adventures, each one crazier than the other. You will be able to meet her during some of our horse shows and follow her adventures on our blog.  

Our cousins Vincent of MyDearCréa and Valérie de DameVerte, our talented artists and strategists.

Vincent is the graphic designer for KozySocks, a talented artist we call upon whenever there is something to design or a concept to develop. He shines by his superb imagination always in the KozySocks spirit. Valerie helps us with all the strategy and communication, an external eye is always good to take. She advises us and often develops our ideas by amplifying and organizing them ;-)  

Véronique, who takes care of your parcels at the post office

Every night the KozySocks team comes to the post office to drop off all your precious parcels. From there, Véronique takes care of them and delivers them to you. With her level 10,000 memory, she remembers each of our anecdotes and never misses an opportunity to take a new one. Hurray for Véronique !

Our far-away cousins who make the socks in the factory

And in there, among all this beautiful little world, let's not forget the essential: our amazing workers in the factory who make your socks! You don't see them every day, and yet it's thanks to them that KozySocks offers you such beautiful socks. They're the ones who use the machines and stitch your socks with their soft hands. Let's bow our heads to such professionalism...

Voilà, the KozySocks family is like a real family, it moves, it talks, it laughs, it gets angry, but above all, it shares a lot, especially the love of its activity!