KozySocks is a small French family business based in Strasbourg, in the Alsace region.

However, the incredible choice of products it offers and its presence at the biggest equestrian competitions and shows in France and Europe, in addition to its online presence, blog and social networks, make it look "big".

The brand image of KozySocks is very good:

-       its socks: the best value for money, a quality that resists washing and boots for a long time, comfort and softness confirmed every day by our customers, a large choice of models, sizes and colours that satisfies all riders whatever their style.

-       its services: a very pleasant and warm welcome on the stands and on the online shop, an after-sales service that relies on the loyalty of its customers, a high-performance sock customization service.

In short, a very serious small company with a strong personality, but which does nothing without humour and which loves its customers and its socks just as much!


So, this is the KozySocks family, what are its philosophy and values?

The KozySocks mission (that's serious)

To offer to all riders in Europe the most beautiful collection 
of top-quality, original riding socks, 
comfortable and very affordable.

The strategic vision of KozySocks (that too!)

To become the leading brand in the field of riding socks used daily by riders all over Europe.
To achieve this, we will always be as close as possible to the expectations of our riders 
in terms of riding socks, 
constantly renewing the originality and specificity of our products, 
never disappointing 
and be close to our customers.

The core values of KozySocks (here we take it even more seriously)

 The originality, choice and the high quality of the socks, riding socks with the best value for money
Customer closeness
The sense of service
Honesty and respect

And also some humor?!