We propose you two different offers reserved to riding clubs and/or associations:

1 - You want to buy a lot of riding socks to offer (the models will be chosen by us while you can of course choose the size): then buy online a lot of 25 pairs of riding socks at 59€ (VAT included) or a lot of 50 pairs at 99€ (VAT included), i.e. less than 2€ per pair. All the socks included in the lots are part of our end-of-series, which is why they are sold at low prices.

2 - You want to choose the models yourself from our website (from 50 pairs or more):

   - create your customer account on our website kozysocks.com

   - send us your club or equestrian association license at com@kozysocks.com and ask us to upgrade your account to "club". Also let us know how many socks you would like to purchase! 

   - we will send you a unique discount code

   - then place your order online with the discount code

We are at your disposal for any questions by email at com@kozysocks.com or by phone at +33 9 52 73 40 32 - Contact us :-)