At KozySocks, we care about the environment and we make every effort to limit our carbon footprint and to spare our beautiful blue (and green and yellow and...) earth. 


For this, we work on several aspects: 

- For our socks (all our cotton short socks, our cotton riding socks, our padded riding socks), we use long fiber combed cotton yarn (the best cotton) certified Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex is a quality label that certifies the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles. It guarantees the absence of toxic products for humans and for the environment. You can understand why this is so important to us! You can wear our riding socks with peace of mind, they will do you only good and their cotton is respectful to the planet! 

- To pack the socks ordered on our e-shop, we have opted for the lightest and thinnest packaging possible. The heavier and more cumbersome a package is, the more polluting its transport is. We are waiting impatiently for super genius chemists to invent solid, thin and biodegradable envelopes. We know it's coming, we're watching.

- Concerning the delivery of our orders, we work with the Post Office (committed to carbon neutrality) and recommend the Colissimo pick-up point which allows neutral CO2 emissions, is much cheaper and avoids thefts of parcels in mailboxes.

- In our offices, we consume as less as possible and sort all our waste down to the small piece of tape stuck on an envelope. For what we can't sort, we try the circular economy, recycling. 

- On our stands, we pay attention to many little things: avoid as much as possible distributing plastic bags (we are actively looking for an ecological equivalent that is not cumbersome on our stands - not easy but we are making good progress!) (by the way, our customers are very eco-friendly themselves, they almost always refuse the bags), move by bike when possible, don't use plastic cutlery, clean up thoroughly after dismantling (so that no waste flies away in the nature...) 

In short, at KozySocks, we play our role in the protection of the planet, the preservation of the environment, even if it is only a drop of water... The stakes are very high. We will continue to make more and more efforts with time, all your ideas are welcome. 

Let's be proud, let's be eco-responsible!