Plain riding socks

Thin riding socks for tight riders'boots

16 different colors

Plain cotton riding socks

31 different colors

Padded plain riding socks

2 different colors

Plain bamboo riding socks

23 different colors

Close your eyes, you could be drawn into this world of hyper-colored and comfortable riding socks for your feet...

This is the realm of the colourful sock in different materials: cotton or bamboo, padded or thin, there is a large choice at KozySocks!

Why choose our plain cotton riding socks?

Our cotton socks are the must-have in our collection! Cotton is a material that combines resistance and comfort. And if you like plain colours, both flashy and sober, you are spoiled for choice! More than 28 plain colours are available on our website!

Why choose our plain bamboo riding socks?

Compared to our cotton socks, our plain bamboo socks have two important advantages: a great softness (yes, you have to take care of those little feet!), and a breathable material.  This material allows you to better regulate the temperature of your feet in summer and therefore less sweat. Small bonus: bamboo also allows you to limit the smells ;-)


Why choose our plain padded riding socks?

Ah the soft socks... They are our must-have plain socks for winter! Indeed, the foot is protected: it keeps your feet warm during your winter rides. The upper of the sock is made of cotton to avoid your boots getting tight.

Why choose our plain thin riding socks for tight boots?

Our thin riding socks have been entirely designed to give you maximum comfort in your tight riding boots. The sock is divided into two parts: the foot is made of combed cotton for optimal hygiene. As for the upper, it is made of nylon to be as thin as possible and to give you the maximum space in your boots.