50 paires of disciplines riding sock - past collections

€82.00 -€53.00
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We have the perfect idea for you: offer riding socks to your favorite riders! You can offer them at Xmas time, during competitions, as birthday gift, to your coaches ... Make them happy!

We are launching a new version of our beautiful set: 50 pairs of disciplines riding socks (Jumping, Pony Games, CSO, Groom, Eventing) from our old collections only 99 €, less than 2 € per pair! Choose the size you prefer, we will select for you a mix of disciplines and different colors. All socks will obviously be labeled (sometimes with old labels), all beautiful, all KozySocks, what else? ;-) The socks will often be in packs of 12 identical pairs. Wouhaou !!! Enjoy, hop hop!

You can find also a set of 25 pairs in 5 different sizes (the 31/33 and the 43/46 in addition to the others).

Questions ? Do not hesitate to email us at com@kozysocks.com or phone us at +33 9 52 73 40 32 :-)

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