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Attention YouTuber followers!

Are you following Cassandre alias Rêve Compulsif? You also know Axelle alias UnCoeur DeCavalière? And finally, do you like Julie alias Carnet d'une Cavalière?

Then we have great news for you! You will now find on our website the set of 4 pairs of riding socks of your favourite YouTuber And of course, it's at a special price ;-)

Julie - Carnet d'une Cavalière

Julie is a well-known rider on social networks, notably on Instagram and YouTube. On top of that, she is a teacher in schools from kindergarten to elementary school. Julie also owns 3 horses that she likes to call "La Team Garçons".

Cassandra - Rêve Compulsif

Cassandre has been a rider for more than 15 years but she has also been the owner for several years now. Indeed, through her posts and videos she shares her relationship with her 2 horses with all her subscribers.

Axelle - UnCoeur DeCavalière

Axelle is very passionate about horse riding. On social networks, she talks about her daily life with her mare Malaguena and also with her filly Hermione. For more than 3 years, she has been sharing her daily life and lots of advice to her subscribers.

Since these 3 riders have in common their passion for horse riding, we have decided to offer you a package with their pairs of riding socks. The opportunity for you to honour your favourite YouTubeuses! On the quality side, as always, you won't be disappointed with the quality of your socks. In long fibre combed cotton, they will be soft allies during your rides. The toe and heel are reinforced to improve the longevity of your favourite socks.

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